STC’S Modular Academy format impacts the whole business – functions learn together promoting greater cross function communication and better all round relationships.

Everyone gains a broader knowledge of what drives the business forward and from a behavioural perspective will be better equipped to manage the key relationships that make the difference day to day.

With a commercial focus your business will explore greater growth / sales opportunities, study value, new markets and profitability. Through growth will come new employment opportunities and with an established programme like this those you do attract to the business will continue to be of the highest calibre.

Modules are structured typically as 1 or 2-day face to face experiences that follow a 4-stage delivery methodology:

- Listen : short trainer led presentation on specific topics;

- Do : group and individual delegate activities, using company specific data for context;

- Discuss : facilitated open discussion on the issues raised from the learning and activities;

- Action : development of actions, suggestions and questions for improvements to individuals, teams, the business, and for Senior Management to consider.

We stick to this regardless of module content or subject matter so that definite things can emerge from a programme. Modules can be delivered as a journey (everyone does all of them) or in a matrix based format – STC can configure both options.

Topics typically include:

  • Business & Commerce
  • Managing Self and Others
  • Projects & Change
  • Value & Markets

At the front end STC will design an identity and suite of promotional materials for your Management programme, to be used both internally and externally as you integrate your programme. This identity will be engaging (in order to attract interest), stylish (to give it gravitas), and corporate (so that it blends with other branding).


To book a course please email or contact our Course Administrator on +44 (0) 1358 788055.

Our Expertise

STC Global is an Aberdeen & Abu Dhabi based provider of creative learning and highly customised business process solutions. Our expertise spans business & commerce, project management, leadership, health & safety and a variety of the softer skills required by today's professionals across a variety of industries.

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