A campaign to heighten awareness of the wider consequences of slips, trips and falls.

Awilco Drilling is a relatively ‘young’ Company, rapidly being recognised by their Clients for a precision approach to safety and in particular for their drive to raise awareness of the business consequences and impact of certain low risk incidents.

Recognising that all too often the human mind set fails to comprehend this link, Awilco Drilling sets about raising awareness, across the entire workforce, that even minor incidents and injuries propagate downtime for both personnel and Rig Operations alike.

An existing, successful and trusted relationship with STC Global formed the basis of a campaign partnership and the supporting materials that would deliver a ‘fresh’ and hard hitting message to a long-standing and common challenge offshore.

Challenges Faced:
  • Consequences of low risk incidents.
  • Varying safety cultures.
  • Reactive rather than proactive.
Results Achieved:
  • More productive conversations.
  • QHSE identity at Frontline.
  • Proactive approach.
Solutions Sought:
  • Core value awareness.
  • Relevant messages.
  • QHSE brand visibility.
Business Benefits:
  • Supportive clients.
  • Reduced ‘down time’.
  • Probability planning.



STC Global’s creative Team developed a set of materials and a hands on solution that enabled Awilco Drilling to take a strong message about managing human behaviour across the entire workforce: the aim being to encourage all personnel to become ‘switched on’ to the consequences of daily actions.

STC Global’s approach is to provide a mechanism that will enable Awilco Drilling to take the long view. Flexible in terms of responding to variables and representative of changing needs, the Switched On campaign and its materials become a living organism that embeds itself into the emerging North Sea Culture at Awilco.

To ensure that the message is being received and understood in terms of importance and relevance, Awilco Drilling abstracted examples from their own incident reports. Hard hitting posters presented a stark reminder of how a momentary lapse of concentration can have potentially damaging consequences.

A pack of “playing the deck” playing cards is provided to each Awilco employee. These present a series of key ‘Switched On’ messages. Each card carries a number of critical reminders about appropriate responsibilities such as:

  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Reinforcement
  • Assumptions
  • Interventions
  • Respect

Reinforced by a roll out campaign the message is delivered across Awilco Drilling through the use of facilitated workshops led by Safety Reps and Operations Management.

The campaign is fully backed by senior operational managers who recognise that Awilco clients gain confidence from a safety conscious workforce and that minimising injuries maximises productivity for all.

The key message is that incidents and accidents at work are nearly always avoidable. While companies such as Awilco Drilling are committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety practices and environments, proportional responsibilities also lie with each employee. Every time someone slips, trips or falls there is a chain of consequences. Accidents will happen but individual alertness and accountability can significantly cut out those incidents caused through carelessness and in some cases vanity. Awilco Drilling through their ‘Switched On’ campaign are helping their personnel with guidance and support that will encourage intuitive assessment and consequently make the workplace a much safer environment.


"The campaign is as alive today as it was last year and has a projected life span of about 10 years."

"After initial scepticism, once our colleagues, friends and contractors in the team understood the training actually came from them, it was welcomed.”


“The Switched On and What If campaigns have been well received by the crews.”
“The presentation material is simple, clear and concise.”
“The Set of Cards is a great idea and easy for personnel to carry around.”
“The campaign has been well advertised and the crews seem to appreciate that it is based on real incidents.”

Our Expertise

STC Global is an Aberdeen & Abu Dhabi based provider of creative learning and highly customised business process solutions. Our expertise spans business & commerce, project management, leadership, health & safety and a variety of the softer skills required by today's professionals across a variety of industries.

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