Odjfell Drilling is recognised for their safety philosophy where safeguarding health and limb has a crucial impact on people’s lives and of course, on the safe operations of the company.

Recognising that a core component in achieving this philosophy is the reduction of injuries to hands and fingers, Odfjell Drilling sought an innovative approach to safeguarding these vital ‘human tools’.

Conscious that there was a need to get the message across to a workforce of diverse age and experience, Odfjell sought a totally new approach that would engage, inform and allow maximum flexibility of training delivery.

An existing, successful and trusted relationship with STC Global Ltd formed the basis of confidently engaging their creative team to build a campaign and supporting materials that would deliver a ‘fresh’ message to a long-standing safety challenge.

STC Global’s Creative team developed a set of materials and a communication package that enabled Odfjell Drilling to take Hand and Fingers to all Offshore Crews. Borrowing from the concept of the Haynes Workshop Manuals a ‘Hand Book’ presents a series of graphic images of the consequences of hand and finger injuries, accompanied by practical advice on how to avoid them. The training DVD allows for 5 separate coaching and facilitation modules which also introduce both Homer Simpson and MC Hammer to “keep things real” and topical!

Did you know… All characters which appear in The Simpsons have only four fingers on each hand… except God who is drawn with five.

The key messages are summed up in the ‘5 Pointer Plan’

  • Learn from experience.
  • Respect the work environment and its equipment.
  • Recognise potential risks.
  • Report near misses.
  • Always maintain awareness.

Reinforced by a roll out campaign Your World in Your Hands was delivered across the company’s global operations through the use of facilitated workshops and delivered by Odfjell Safety Reps. The message is deliberately delivered to small groups of employees and always at the worksite. These groups are multi-disciplinary in terms of roles and responsibilities and importantly include a broad mix of age and experience. The Hand and Fingers philosophy is constantly being reinforced through a series of branded presentations, posters and stickers.

Hand and Fingers ‘Your World in Your Hands’ is fully backed by senior managers who also recognise that clients also gain confidence from a safety conscious workforce and that minimising injuries definitely maximises productivity. Since the introduction of Hand and Fingers there has been a significant drop in the number of incidents. A number of Odfjell’s key clients have also embraced the message and the concept, along with its flexible and engaging approach. The approach and concept has had such wide appeal Odfjell Drilling and STC Global Ltd have been able to develop a commercial model that enables other businesses to adapt and adopt it to their own particular culture.

In summary the key message is that accidents at work are avoidable. However, Odfjell Drilling’s safety message is intended to go beyond the workplace. At home and at leisure there are also many potential hand and finger hazards waiting, and no matter where we are or what we are doing our hands and fingers play a central role in all our lives.


"The campaign is as alive today as it was last year and has a projected life span of about 10 years."

"After initial scepticism, once our colleagues, friends and contractors in the team understood the training actually came from them, it was welcomed.”


“The Switched On and What If campaigns have been well received by the crews.”
“The presentation material is simple, clear and concise.”
“The Set of Cards is a great idea and easy for personnel to carry around.”
“The campaign has been well advertised and the crews seem to appreciate that it is based on real incidents.”

Our Expertise

STC Global is an Aberdeen & Abu Dhabi based provider of creative learning and highly customised business process solutions. Our expertise spans business & commerce, project management, leadership, health & safety and a variety of the softer skills required by today's professionals across a variety of industries.

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