Swire Oilfield Services is recognised for their everyday reliability and the roles played by its HSE department is crucial to ensuring and maintaining these ongoing standards. As a global business Swire seeks to ensure that safety is in the hands of all employees and at all levels. Following an internal research project into safety cultures the importance of HSE as a core company value was highlighted.

STC Global – creators of great learning was invited to discuss the creation of an identity that would not only improve safety awareness but also would focus on building a recognition that safety culture starts long before things go wrong. Through discussions between STC Global and Swire Oilfield Services QHSE Department, and the examination of safety data a focused and targeted brand was developed. Reinforced by a roll out campaign The Full Circle message was successfully delivered across the company’s global operations and translated into Norwegian and Portuguese too!

Safety is a key element in the reputation and successful fulfilment of Swire Oilfield Services contracts. The Full Circle identity message highlights that:

  • Safety is the responsibility of everyone.
  • It is relevant and usable in all communications and discussions between the various fields of operation.
  • It carries a positive message.
  • It serves to create customer confidence for both efficiency and quality.

The Full Circle message is constantly being reinforced through a series of branded presentations, memory and reflection aids and products. Creating a habit of seeking continual improvement is reinforced through the use of a RED, GREEN, BLUE system that alerts and signals conditions. RED is applied where a dangerous situation is recognised. BLUE signifies the need to be prepared and GREEN highlights that the safety environment is ‘in a friendly’ state.

The adoption of the message is encouraged and supported by the creation of HSE Full Circle Champions. They take the approach and key objectives across global operations to local Country Teams. At these levels the introduction of ‘Safety Boards’ created and maintained by ‘shop floor’ employees shows that ownership of HSE Full Circle is being taken seriously and constantly acted upon. Across the globe the HSE Full Circle brand has been fully adopted by the Swire Oilfield Services with the logo being seen on Swire trucks and Swire containers.

The key element of the HSE Full Circle message is that accidents and avoidable through an acceptance that everyone has a choice in ensuring that safety is not left to chance. The HSE Team are keen to be seen as positive and supportive of a successful business, by promoting, encouraging and driving the Swire safety message. Safety records contribute to the efficiency and reliability of the business and where a positive approach is taken to ruling out chance, then less accidents definitely equals better productivity.


"The campaign is as alive today as it was last year and has a projected life span of about 10 years."

"After initial scepticism, once our colleagues, friends and contractors in the team understood the training actually came from them, it was welcomed.”


“The Switched On and What If campaigns have been well received by the crews.”
“The presentation material is simple, clear and concise.”
“The Set of Cards is a great idea and easy for personnel to carry around.”
“The campaign has been well advertised and the crews seem to appreciate that it is based on real incidents.”

Our Expertise

STC Global is an Aberdeen & Abu Dhabi based provider of creative learning and highly customised business process solutions. Our expertise spans business & commerce, project management, leadership, health & safety and a variety of the softer skills required by today's professionals across a variety of industries.

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